Chicago Justice episode 10 promo: How social media comes into play

Chicago Justice episode 10Next week, Chicago Justice episode 10 is going to air on NBC, and this one will be every bit as relevant as the one that is airing tonight. While tonight’s episode seems to be a little more ripped from the headlines and based more on the story of Amanda Knox, next week is going a little more abstract. Specifically, we’re talking about a case that is tied into social media.

How culpable are the makers of a popular social-media application when a crime potentially occurs because of their product? This is a question that we are going to see play out over the course of this episode as we see Peter Stone in a position where he is forced to unspool the results of yet another tragedy.

Chicago Justice episode 10 synopsis – “After an innocent girl is killed in a gang-related shooting that was instigated on social media, Stone’s obsession for justice endangers the family of a cooperating witness. To salvage his crumbling case, Stone must go head-to-head in the courtroom against both the social media providers who inadvertently fueled the gang war and a cocky young man who may have pulled the trigger.”

On paper, this sounds as though it is going to be one of the most difficult cases that we’ve seen Philip Winchester’s character take on over the course of the season. It’s one thing to go after a person; it’s another to take on a corporation. They tend to have better lawyers and far more money to take on an institution like the State’s Attorney’s office. While there are occasions where David can conquer Goliath, there are certainly plenty of others where it turns out to be a little bit more of a losing game.

Promo – This preview does give you a further look at what is being described as a powerful, elaborate gang war, one that could eventually bring the entire city of Chicago to its knees. This sounds like it could make for compelling television, but the whole connection between social media and crimes is certainly rather raw right now in the wake of what happened today with Facebook Live in Cleveland.

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