Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 18 promo: Zelena and ‘Where Bluebirds Fly’

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 18On Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 18, all signs indicate that we’re going to be seeing a good bit of Zelena. Thank the title for that.

“Where Bluebirds Fly” is the name for next week’s episode, and this is a modified lyric from the classic Wizard of Oz song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” It’s also the title of a song by Radiohead, but that doesn’t have anywhere near the same sort of relevance in the fairy-tale world, now does it?

Timing-wise, it does make a little bit of sense for this to be the time to revisit Zelena. After all, Rebecca Mader is technically a regular on the show, even though we barely see her other than a few minutes here or there in order to give someone else a character to talk to. Part of the problem now is that she and Regina take up similar spaces as two reformed women now trying to spur off the evil in their hearts while starting a new life alongside the people they care about so deeply. It was the distortion of said care that really propelled the two down a dark journey in the first place, so it is pleasing to now see that the two are venturing down a better road than before.

Beyond this episode, we’re really getting into the home stretch of the season, and potentially the series. With Once Upon a Time not officially renewed yet for a season 7 and with various cast members in negotiations, the folks over at ABC are really making you hold your breath on this one. Fingers crossed that they do figure out a way to announce the show’s future soon.

Promo – Well, here is your proof that this is a Zelena episode, as you’re going to be seeing Rebecca Mader’s character doing everything in her power in order to further ensure that she can stop the Black Fairy. Apparently, the Black Fairy thinks that she can manipulate Zelena in order to get her to team up with her, but that’s not going to be anywhere near as easy as she first thought.

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