Is NCIS: Los Angeles new tonight? Looking towards season 8’s ending

NCIS: Los Angeles new tonightIt’s fair to ask “is NCIS: Los Angeles new tonight,” but we do wish that we had a little bit of a better answer to hand down to you.

Alas, tonight you’re not going to have a chance to see Sam, Callen, or the rest of your beloved characters on the air until you get around to next week. CBS is airing a special Bee Gees tribute in primetime, and as a result of that, all of their programming will be shoved back — which will probably be all the more frustrating for Elementary fans given what some of them went through last week.

This article’s specifically about NCIS: Los Angeles, though, so we do want to give you a few little teases regarding what is coming up.

Guest stars – We’ve already told you that John M. Jackson and James Remar are going to be appearing on “Battle Scars” airing next week; we can now confirm that they are also going to be back for the following episode, as well, as two of Hetty’s old colleagues from the Vietnam War. We already saw Jackson once earlier this season in “Payback.”

Episode titles – The first episode airing in May is coming on May 7, and we know that the title for it is “Uncaged.” (Intimidating, no?) This is the penultimate episode this season, but what we know now is that this, based on the production code, was actually the last episode to film. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out why networks like to play around with filming schedules.

There is unfortunately no news out there just yet about the season 8 finale, but once more is we will let you know.

The Deeks / Kensi engagement – We can tell you that it’s coming, but that is unfortunately the only thing that we can tell you at present given that CBS is being rather hush-hush. Then again, isn’t that how it would be? From our vantage point, this is one of those things that is a little bit less fun if you knew that it was coming on a specific episode. Some things are better off a surprise. The fact that it’s happening should be a cause for excitement alone.

What do you want to see on NCIS: Los Angeles moving forward this season? Be sure to share below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here in the event you do want some additional information regarding some upcoming episodes of the show. (Photo: CBS.)

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