Line of Duty season 4 episode 4: Roz turns the tables

Line of Duty season 4Who is Roz really? One of the interesting questions at the center of Line of Duty season 4 was one of motivation. She’s been motivated at times to do her job, but at the same time, tonight she was motivated to destroy AC-12 as a result of them coming after her.

One of the biggest main events in this episode was Roz reminding us precisely why she is so good at her job — specifically, she did a great job turning the tables around on AC-12. After they were done with their interrogation on her, she then turned it around and started to interrogate them. Are they doing a great job, or were they biased or misguided in their claims? Was there sexism at play? She used everything from murder evidence to even past AC-12 statistics to try to push things more and more into her favor.

The performance by Roz within this interrogation scene, which was brilliantly shot and methodically paced, was beyond amazing as she managed to piece together all of the information necessary to show that it was them who were in the wrong, and not her. She managed to make it seem like they had planted evidence and done everything to clear their name and in turn make her appear completely incompetent. At the moment, she may have AC-12 off of her tail, which they were on in hot pursuit over whether or not her connection to Nick made it impossible for her to properly do her job.

Also, can we give further credit to the performance of one Thandie Newton? Calling her a fantastic actress is hardly a hot take given how remarkable she is in Westworld, but it is still worth noting given how wonderful she was in the scene tonight. It’s going to be hard to imagine Line of Duty without her now, even if she’s only appeared in a handful of episodes.

Here’s the trouble for Roz — the AC-12 is not going to be slowing things down. They’re also rather good at their job; they were merely caught here with their pants down. They’ll have an opportunity to regroup, and then find a way to go at her once more.

What did you think about this episode of Line of Duty, and some of Roz’s methodical attempts to place AC-12 in hot water? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here to preview further what is coming up on the next new episode of the show. (Photo: BBC.)

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