Girls season 7: Could it ever happen on HBO?

Girls season 7Is there a possibility for a Girls season 7 someday on HBO? Anytime that a series ends, we’re at the point where the question is asked.

Based on everything that we’re hearing so far, it definitely appears as though the odds are pretty low that we see Hannah at any point beyond tonight’s series finale, mostly because it feels like there’s no real need for it. We think that the show’s successful enough that it could continue in theory, but just as the name suggests, this was a show really about a very specific chapter in someone’s life. This was not a story meant to feature any of these characters as thirty or forty-somethings. Therefore, ending it now with a look towards the future seems to be the right way to go out.

With that said, we’re not Lena Dunham, or anyone else who’s lived with these characters and embodied them for such an extended period of time. Someone within that world could both easily and understandably feel like there is a little more story to be told, and it would be hard to object to the creators’ own vision. We just know that for us, it feels like tonight’s finale can very well be it.

As for whether or not this show could go the way of Sex and the City and Entourage and go into the realm of a feature film, we’d once again say that it’s possible, but it would almost go against the intimate nature of this show to move forward and throw these characters into something that was a little bit more bold and big. We’re a big fan of things starting and ending in the same medium, since that alleviates some brand confusion and also helps to keep things a little bit more stabilized.

In the end, we’ll see if there is any sort of cliffhanger or a story that could be continued followed the series finale tonight — we just know that based on past comments from Dunham and others, it feels like this has been set up for a rather long time now to be the end of the road for the series.

Do you think that Girls season 7 is going to be something that happens down the road, and should it? Share in the comments. (Photo: HBO.)

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