Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion preview: Sheree Whitfield sets it up

Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion previewIf you’re looking for a good Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion preview today, we’ve got it for you courtesy of none other than Sheree Whitfield!

In the new video from Bravo (see below) the on-again, off-again, and now on-again cast member does her best to try and detail a little bit of the story ahead for the four-part reunion, including how terrible these events are to film:

“Nobody ever enjoys a reunion … You get the shakes, you get nervous, because you already know what’s about to go down. When I tell you none of us could’ve imagined or fathomed what goes on during this reunion … It is just epic, it is jaw-dropping. I’m just saying.

“I’m hoping that [some of the broken bonds] can heal. I know that some things are not amendable and some relationships are not able to be fixed. as for some of the others, I’m hoping that [there is effort]. Life is short, and sometimes you forgive and forget.”

So why even take part in the reunion shows if they are for the most part so miserable? It’s an understandable question, and the simple answer to that seems to just be that the positives do eventually outweigh many of the negatives. We know that the downsides to doing these reunions mostly began and end with the fact that the hours are long and there is so much fighting and battling for airtime that goes on. The reality is that you make a good bit of money for doing the season, and then potentially even more selling products and promoting things as a result of being on the season. It’s a huge platform, and you just have to take the necessary evils that go along with it.

We’ve already seen one of the previews that is out there so far for the reunion show this season, and one of the silver linings here seems to be that there are going to be some pretty funny moments in terms of getting to see Sheree and Kenya Moore go after each other for some of the shade-throwing that took place over their respective chateaus. All of that was just so stupid, but that is in turn probably one of the reasons that we find it fun in retrospect.

What do you want to see on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion with Sheree? Share below! (Photo: Bravo.)


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