Is Vera new tonight on ITV? Why only four episodes a season?

Is Vera new tonight

Is Vera new tonight on ITV? We figure that there may be some people out there looking to see the latest case for Vera Stanhope, and we’re here to unfortunately be the bearer of bad news.

Despite us and so many others out there wanting there to be another episode of the show, there is not going to be one until more than likely next year. ITV likes to keep the episode count for this mystery series short — specifically, think along the lines of four episodes. By US standards, that tiny episode count would be enough to make someone drop their jaws in shock. After all, we’ve got this thirst to have as many episodes as possible; specifically the shortest order we tend to typically see is somewhere in the 8-10 range. Then again, most Vera episodes are two hours, so getting four episodes of this is almost the equivalent of eight episodes of an American show.

For ITV, one of the biggest benefits of keeping the Vera seasons short is that it allows them to effectively keep the show consistently fresh. Nobody ever gets sick of it, and they are able to constantly come back and deliver some more great stories and surprises. It’s a luxury for them given that not every other show out there has a chance to give you such a thing. People tend to tire of shows with longer seasons, and they don’t have the same sort of long-term commitment that Vera has with its network.

So while it may be a rather long time that you have to wait until you do get to see Vera back on the air, one of the things that you can do is go back and check out some old episodes. Given that some of the early ones have not aired for over half a century at this point, the odds are reasonably good that you don’t remember every little finer detail in terms of what transpires.

Rest assured that once there is some more news on Vera a little bit later this year, we’re going to have that for you within this article. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want to get some other news right now when it comes to Vera! (Photo: ITV.)

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