Doctor Who season 10 premiere ratings even; Britain’s Got Talent steady

Doctor Who season 10 premiere ratingsThe Doctor Who season 10 premiere ratings are officially in, and we suppose that we should refer to them as a good sign.

The first episode featuring Pearl Mackie entitled “The Pilot” (fitting given the new direction) ended up scoring in total 4.6 million viewers. That is about even with the season 9 premiere episode. You have to remember in general that this show is heavily time-shifted, so there’s a good chance that the premiere episode could be bumped up to close to 7 million viewers at the time in which all of the numbers are properly tabulated … which will probably take a little bit of time.

We already know that there will be a season 11 for the show, so there’s no real need to be worried about the immediate future. We just hope that the live ratings stay around here for the remainder of the season since that could help tremendously to stop most of the stupid cancellation chatter that tends to pop up in the British press anytime that a show starts to draw numbers that are lower than they were previously.

Of course, this is a subject that we’re going to be touching on further as we get closer and closer to this episode actually airing. For now, we’re hopeful that the remainder of the season will prove to be as interesting / exciting as the premiere was. It restored the show to its previously-happy and cheerful tone. It was a celebration — oh, and you can read our full review for the premiere now at the link here.

As for Britain’s Got Talent

The premiere episode of the ITV talent competition last night ended up drawing in total 8.7 million viewers, which is pretty close to where the most-recent season of the show aired. This show’s consistantly a ratings monster, so we don’t see that changing this season. The big thing that it does need to show is a good roster of talent. If you’ve got people that most of the country will be discussing, there is a good chance that the viewership will only increase. Just take a good look, for example, at what happened back during the Susan Boyle era of the show.

You can also read our take on the BGT premiere now by heading over to the link here.

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