Britain’s Got Talent: Should Missing People Choir have received golden buzzer?

Missing People ChoirThere are times on Britain’s Got Talent where you meet an act, and within a minute or two you immediately think that they are probably going to get the golden buzzer. Tonight, we almost had one of those moments courtesy of Missing People Choir. They didn’t get the buzzer, but they did perform one of the most emotional performances in the show’s history.

Their story was emotional before we even heard the group sing a note — they all banded together in hopes of finding their missing loved ones, and they hoped that in taking part in the show, someone would come forward to help them find the people they are about so deeply.

Now, we have to move on and focus on the actual talent for a moment, given the sole fact that this is not just a charity. This is a competition about judging performance, and at the end of it is a chance to perform in front of the Queen. We’ll be honest in saying that we’ve heard stronger choirs; however, that is not the sole focus of their act. Their choice of song was so poignant, and fit perfectly into what they are trying to accomplish. Meanwhile, in the background of the performance, we saw the names and faces of those missing. We have to thank production to focusing on some of these names closely, even if there are some frequent cutaways that happen.

We do get a tad cynical in these articles from time to time, but we do genuinely hope that these people find who they are searching for. Really throughout the entirety of this performance, it was hard to type through the tears. Gut-wrenching, and an act that we won’t forget anytime soon.

Now, let’s get back to the obvious golden-buzzer business. We still think it would’ve been nice for them to get that added bit of attention with that, but they probably won’t need it. We do think they’ll return for the live shows and for a story update.

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