Blue Bloods season 7 episode 20 review: Frank takes on the Mayor

Blue Bloods season 7

Blue Bloods season 7 episode 20 was, at its core, a pretty unusual episode. Jamie Reagan was a ghost for most of it, Eddie Janko was missing in action for the second straight installment, and we saw Frank giddy about the idea of taking on Mayor Poole for misconduct.

Never before have we seen Frank so happy in the closing minutes of an episode, especially one where he was effectively shaking the hornet’s nest over the course of the entire episode. He thinks that he’s got the evidence necessary to take the office on, and this episode did something else strange by the end of it — effectively gave you a cliffhanger. Frank did not completely take on the Mayor in the episode, and this is something that could unfold more down the road. (We know that it will be a part of the finale.)

As far as Frank stories, it was good to see him so emotionally invested given that it gave Tom Selleck a little range. We know that he can play stoic and contemplative better than almost anyone, so it’s rather nice when we do actually see things shaken up here and there.

Erin’s situation – We had another big Erin story this week thanks to Reggie, a witness in one of her former cases. He was trying to clean up his apartment complex, but trying to stop a drug trade there proved to be incredibly difficult. There was drama, surveillance, and a sense of community behind the effort to shut down the operation. Remember the expression “it takes a village”? That’s very much the case here. When Reggie started to balk on helping because of the danger it presented, Erin showed him that his neighbors were okay with installing cameras as a sign of solidarity, giving him all of the confidence he needed to let the police go in.

Danny’s own difficult case – A case that started as a suicide was eventually labeled a murder, and over the course of the hour, he came to a shocking conclusion that it was the victim’s own mother responsible for it. The biggest bit of evidence she left behind? Her search history in the cloud.


A very solid episode, but we were still somewhat distracted by not getting much in the way of Jamie and no Eddie at all. We understand precisely why we’re not getting more of the latter especially, but without that partnership the show’s missing a gear. The rest of the episode was solid, but other than Erin’s storyline, we’re not sure how memorable it will be down the line. Grade: B.

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