Blue Bloods season 7: Where is Eddie Janko? Hopes for Vanessa Ray role

Blue Bloods season 7

It’s not often that you’ve got a mystery on Blue Bloods that’s not related to a murder, but here’s one: Where in the world is Eddie Janko?

Over the past few years, Vanessa Ray’s character has become one of the most important people within the world of Blue Bloods. However, lately we’ve seen her take on a smaller and smaller role on the show, which is fairly odd to some viewers given that it comes at a time when the story for Jamie and Eddie was starting to heat up.

So what’s going on here? Well, what you really should consider mostly is the context of what’s happened on the show this season. If you recall, Jamie and Eddie were recently split up for thirty days as a result of a prank war that went horribly wrong. Heck, to call them pranks may be a little bit wrong when you think about how they escalated and the fact that these people are cops. This is not the Dwight and Jim type pranks from The Office.

Ultimately, though, Blue Bloods tells almost the entirety of their story from the perspective of the Reagan family; as a result of that, you don’t tend to see all that much of the other characters when they are not around the likes of Danny, Jamie, Erin, or Frank. There just doesn’t seem to be an immediate need for the show to focus in on her, even if we want it. (As a matter of fact, tonight’s episode doesn’t seem all that intent on giving Jamie a whole lot of air time, either.)

In the end, we don’t get any sense that she will be gone from the show forever, and we definitely think that the writers are going to focus more on Jamie and Eddie as the show progresses. This is just a show that paces things slower than other shows and they probably knew a long time ago that there was going to be an eighth season based on recent ratings. Therefore, as a result of that they decided to take their time telling some of the story of Eddie, Jamie, and whatever their future together (professionally or romantically) could hold.

What do you want to see from Eddie on Blue Bloods when the show returns? Share in the comments!

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