Do The Blacklist: Redemption finale ratings help season 2 odds?

The Blacklist: Redemption finale ratings

Thursday night’s ratings were important for many different shows, but clearly at the top of the list was The Blacklist: Redemption give that its finale ratings are essential for helping to determine the show’s season 2 odds.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t quite anywhere near as good as we were hoping. The Ryan Eggold / Famke Janssen series drew a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is around even with the week before. While this may be steady, it’s the finale! You want to see the ratings go up. We’re not entirely pessimistic about the show’s future (you can read more about that over here), but it’s also hard to feel confident about a show when its entire season 1 average is only at a 0.8. (Things could still fluctuate depending on the final numbers later in the day.)

As for another NBC show currently on the bubble, Chicago Med is staying steady at around a 1.0. We’re pretty optimistic about it not only because its numbers are better, but that it also does seem to fluctuate and improve based on its lead-in. Right now, it doesn’t have much as a lead-in other than Powerless, a show that does actually seem to be getting better creatively — the problem is that nobody’s really getting a chance to see it.

Now, we’re going to transition over to one of our biggest ratings passion projects at the moment…

The state of The Amazing Race 29

At the moment, the CBS reality show is managing to stay remarkably consistent three episodes into its run. It won its timeslot yet again last night with a 0.9 rating, and it drew more total viewers than it did last week. While the show may not be a ratings wrecking ball, we don’t know how the network sees this performance as a failure given that it’s outperforming most everything else they’ve had in that timeslot and it would probably, once again, be doing better with a stronger lead-in. Also, consider here that it didn’t have much promotional at all coming into the season, and you have a great reminder that this is a show that (thankfully) won’t die.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event that you want to get our full review right now for the Blacklist: Redemption finale. (Photo: NBC.)

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