The Originals season 4 episode 5 sneak peek: The Hollow’s manipulation

the Originals season 4 episode 5 sneak peekIn the Originals season 4 episode 5 sneak peek that we’ve got for you below, one thing does feel abundantly clear — serious stuff’s hitting the fan.

As executive producer Michael Narducci does his part to explain, the episode airing tonight entitled “I Hear You Knocking” is going to be a powerful, haunting, and in some ways dangerous episode for many of the main characters … but especially the ones who lie within the Mikaelson family.

At the top of the list here is clearly Klaus, given that both he and Marcel are being manipulated by this mysterious entity know as the Hollow that is taking over their minds, and making them see and hear things that perhaps are not otherwise there. This episode is an occasion in which we could see the two poisoned to the point where they go after each other; we wouldn’t really describe the relationship that they’ve had since Klaus’ reemergence as a cold war, but it may feel that way in comparison to what they are about to do to each other here.

The biggest issue that could arise as a result of all of this mindgaming and manipulation is simply the fact that these two guys are characters who, despite whatever they may think about each other, probably need each other to a certain extent for survival. They may not be one in the same, but they’re close. It’s going to be hard for anyone else to understand their situation quite like they do, and that is one of the interesting things that the other members of the Mikaelson family should try to reinforce … provided that they are able to in the midst of all this chaos.

Beyond just the content of this sneak peek, the biggest takeaway that we’ve got from watching this is just how dark and intense it is, and how excited it has us for the rest of this season. We do think that this is a show finding its stride now more than ever, and it’s a good thing that it is given that its status beyond this upcoming season is not exactly clear … to put it mildly.

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Meanwhile, you can get some further insight right now regarding this episode just by heading over to the link here right now. (Photo: The CW.)

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