MacGyver season 2 premiere date hopes: Should it stay on Fridays?

MacGyver season 2 premiere dateLeading into tonight’s finale, now feels like the perfect time to have a conversation regarding a MacGyver season 2 premiere date.

At the moment, the first thing that we should say is a simple reminder that the show is in fact coming back on the air! It was renewed earlier this year on the strength of the ratings, and the fact that CBS clearly has a great deal of hope in the show. After all, they really should. Through the first season, this show proved that it was a perfect fit for the network and its brand — it was fast-paced, exciting, and it provides storylines that you can get in and out of every week, and understand what’s going on even if you miss one or two.

Now, let’s get back to discussing potential premiere dates. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but if the pattern from CBS holds of premiering their shows near the end of September, you can look at either September 22 or 29 as a potential date for when the show comes back. Given the timing of the renewal, we have no reason to believe that the network will do anything other than give the show another 20-24 episodes, and give it a chance to air throughout the entirety of the TV season proper rather than ending it early in April. (For the record, the only reason it is ending when it is this time is because of The Amazing Race originally planning to come on the air after it in the month.)

As for the timeslot, we know that Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern don’t work for everyone, especially families who have things that they like to go out and do. Yet, keeping MacGyver here is ultimately about more than just the show getting good ratings for itself; it’s also about finding a way to be an asset for the rest of the night. You want to see a great lead-in to another show in Hawaii Five-0, especially since these two shows can have a really strong foundation, feed off one another, and produce in the end some really good results. We want to say that the two can be on the air for as long as humanly possible, though we don’t know how long that will be given that Hawaii Five-0 is at the moment so far into its run.

When do you want the MacGyver season 2 premiere date to be, and do you like the timeslot? Share now in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here for some further news. We’ll have a review for tonight’s finale online before long. (Photo: CBS.)

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