The Amazing Race 29 episode 4: Two hour-episode ahead!

The Amazing Race 29 episode 4Moving into The Amazing Race 29 episode 4 next week, there’s one thing that you should know: You’re also getting episode 5! Thanks to the show premiering so late, CBS is going to be intent on getting as much of the season crammed in before the end of the May sweeps. They won’t be able to get all of it crammed in here, but still, kudos to CBS for doing their best to get as many stories on the air as possible.

As for what you can specifically expect within these two episodes, let’s just say to be prepared for conflict to be coming in a few different forms.

1. Vanck & Ashton – Apparently, Vanck is spending a little too much time for his partner’s liking. Even if he is trying to make a better deal, that’s hard to appreciate in the moment. We don’t think that they are having any sort of partner problems.

This is certainly an odd team, especially since they not only have different interests, but they clearly have some different personalities. Ashton is far more Type A than Vanck is; he seems more keen to be laid back and calculating, but ultimately that may be a good thing. They can keep themselves from getting too intense while out in the field.

2. Brooke & Scott – One of the underlying themes through the first three episodes is that Scott is a little brusque, and doesn’t really know how to take it easier on his partner. Specifically, the problem here seems to be that Brooke ended up getting stuck on a task at the suggestion of Scott that she struggled to do physically. (Remember, she did recently get injured.) As a matter of fact, she’s in such a state that the two may need to take a penalty.

Here is the interesting thing — we’re talking about a team in conflict, but we’ve yet to even mention Shamir & Sara at all. Somehow, these two have figured out precisely what they stand, and they may not spend too much time fighting with each other. Who knows? Maybe the more that Shamir gets away from #BallGate, the better off he is going to be.

If you missed it, be sure to head over here in the event you want to read our review for Thursday night’s new episode.

What do you want to see on the next two hours of The Amazing Race 29? Share some of your thoughts in the comment! (Photo: CBS.)

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