Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Head of Household Competition updates

Head of Household Competition updatesTonight, Big Brother Canada 5 is giving us something that they’ve rarely ever done on the live feeds: A Head of Household Competition, and potentially a long one at that. This is a battle of endurance, but it’s a different sort of endurance than the sort that you tend to get with the franchise.

Here’s how it works — contestants have to stand in front of a buzzer, waiting for a timer to go off. When it does, they all have to hit a buzzer. The last person who hits that buzzer will be eliminated, and the game progresses to the next round. Eventually, in the final round the first person who buzzes in will be the new Head of Household. Based on the eviction of Neda from the game tonight, this is clearly won that all of the remaining players need to win. Specifically, though, Bruno has to be aware now that he is probably the biggest target remaining in the house — the one thing that he may have going for him is that Demetres and Ika probably put an even bigger target on themselves with how hard Ika went after Neda, someone she was previously working with.

We’ll have some Head of Household Competition updates over the course of the night, so be sure to refresh the page!

Update 1: Demetres is the first person eliminated from the challenge. For the record, there are distractions aplenty in the house, whether it be drinks or beer.

Update 2: Karen is the second out, and to think that’s been over two hours! This is going to be a LONG one, folks.

Update 3: Ika is gone. That means she and Demetres are going to be at the mercy of some of the other players.

Update 4: Jackie is gone. We are still in it, folks! Four hours…

Update 5: It’s past 3:30 in the morning in Canada, and now Kevin is gone. There was a chance for many players to run and get money in the house, and many of them took advantage before pressing the button.

Update 6: Bruno, Dre, and William all made an agreement with Dillon that they would walk away and let him have HoH if none of them are nominated. It looks like he’ll be the winner.

If you do want to read more of our take on tonight, and how the Big Brother Canada 5 edit didn’t do Neda any favors, be sure to visit the link here. (Photo: Global.)

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