Supergirl season 2 spoilers: Chyler Leigh’s Alex takes center stage

Chyler Leigh's AlexChyler Leigh’s Alex has of course been an integral part of Supergirl season 2, but for the most part, her storytelling has revolved around her new relationship with Maggie. That’s been exciting and we’re ultimately pulling for the two of them; with that, though, we’re interested to see what happens when she has to step out of the relationship for an upcoming story.

Just how important is this story? Let’s just say that the May 1 episode is going to be entitled “Alex,” and with that, Leigh will be at the center of a dangerous story after a kidnapper takes her and threatens to kill her. What’s the one condition? Let’s just say that Supergirl has to release a dangerous inmate from prison; if she does that, then she can be let go.

Of course, Supergirl is probably not going to want to release said criminal, so the question in this episode is going to be all about what is going to happen to take care of the situation. Supergirl and Maggie both want the same thing, but unfortunately, the two parties have very different ideas when it comes to how to properly deal with the issue. Conflict between these two should prove interesting, but in the end, we do feel pretty confident that they’ll figure this out. They are both smart, and they also want the same thing.

As for what else is coming in this episode, it appears as though the show won’t be abandoning the premise anytime soon that Lena Luthor is constantly ambiguous when it comes to her motives. With that, we’re going to see Rhea offer up what is a pretty interesting proposal to her. Is it going to be something that makes her go against Supergirl? You have to imagine it’s possible … but at the same time, you gotta think that she’ll remember that time she saved her life. (Specifically, we’re thinking about this awesome moment.)

This episode should be compelling and then some — it offers up a chance to be an excellent showcase for Leigh as a performer, and following that, we’ve got an opportunity to see whether or not Lena turns to the dark side as a result of this offer.

Unfortunately, you do still have to wait until April 24 in order to see some further news when it comes to Supergirl season 2. For now, let us know what you think about this idea in the comments, and head over here to get some additional news when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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