Big Brother Canada 5: About Emily Hawkin, Neda Kalantar’s evictions

HawkinTonight, Big Brother Canada 5 had its first Double Eviction show of the season, and this one proved to be WELL worth the price of admission in terms of drama. There was fighting, romance, more fighting, backstabs, and a second half of the show that was FAR more exciting than the first.

Let’s go ahead now and get Emily Hawkin’s eviction out of the way. We do feel for her given that her exit will be completely overshadowed by everything that happened after the fact. Unfortunately, the problem for Emily is mostly just that she wasn’t that compelling of television. We liked her a lot in terms of her pre-game interview, but very little of that humor and enthusiasm translated to the show.

Her biggest mistake was probably just linking up with Dillon, a social vacuum who was such an obvious target. That was what ultimately kept him safe, since there was such an obvious fear that there would be people within the game who would completely forget about Emily after the fact.

Now, things start to get interesting.

The real drama begins

Sindy won Head of Household, which meant that she got to follow along the plan of nominating Dillon and Jackie. When Jackie managed to win the Power of Veto, we then saw Sindy with a much bigger decision to either make a fairly safe move by nominating either Dre or William, or make a big swing for the fences. She chose the latter, and put Neda up on the block in the first week she was eligible following her immunity run.

Seeing Neda go home tonight is pretty shocking, just because of the fact that she is one of the game’s biggest players and it seemed like she was set up fairly well to survive tonight. Unfortunately, we think what did her in for the most part was her decision to win the Veto during Reverse Week when she didn’t need to, and coming across as confident (even cocky at times) while she was protected.

We do think that the show presented Neda unfairly, but that’s a subject that we’ll be getting into in another article.

For some further information when it comes to Big Brother Canada, including some more commentary on how Neda was treated unfairly in the edit over the course of the series’ run, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Global.)

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