Jimmy Kimmel analyzes Emma Stone promposal in best way possible

Emma StoneWhile we absolutely know that there are far more important problems in the world than celebrity promposals, we do rather love that Jimmy Kimmel devoted some time on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night taking down one of the most ridiculous exchanges that goes on across America these days.

Here is what happens — some ordinary person, whether it be a kid in high school or a soldier, decides to post on YouTube some sort of elaborate attempt to get a celebrity to go on a date with them to some formal dance. The majority of these are ignored and glossed over; however, some do go viral every now and then, which leads to said celebrity basically being forced to issue some sort of response to them.

In the end, it’s ridiculous. Kimmel took on the subject through the lens of a recent teenager asking Emma Stone to prom, using a La La Land inspired musical number to do it. The entire video was cute and we applaud his effort, but Kimmel’s got a point here — it has to be weird for a 28-year old actress to go to a prom with a teenager, even with zero expectations.

Is this a total First World Problem that celebrities are often backed into a corner with this sort of thing? Absolutely, and some do figure out ways to have fun with it — see, for example, Mila Kunis or Justin Timberlake. For them, though, it was slightly different because they were asked to military balls by grown adults. We just think that Jimmy’s got some guts (and a good sense of humor) for calling out some of the obvious problems with this whole celebrity-date act, and saying perhaps what some other people have not been willing to.

Alas, we give Kimmel some credit for actually calling out fellow ABC show Good Morning America for promoting this further in the first place.

In the end, shouldn’t we just dial things back when it comes to prom in general and making it such a huge, expensive thing? As someone who went to two proms back in high school, the one that we enjoyed so much more was the one that we put virtually zero effort into. Nobody needs these sort of crazy expectations or promposal dates to have a good time.

Anyway,what do you think about Kimmel’s take on this — is he taking this too seriously? (We think the whole rant is pretty tongue-in-cheek in the first place.) Share below! (Photo: ABC.)

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