Scandal season 6 episode 10 sneak peek: Fixing the election — again

Scandal season 6 episode 10 sneak peekThe Scandal season 6 episode 10 sneak peek below is going to feel like a major case of deja vu, and there is a perfectly good reason for that — we’re talking yet again about the idea of fixing an election.

This time around, we have Jake Ballard doing his best to enforce the idea of both Olivia and Fitz. He makes it clear that because of what Olivia and Mellie did in helping to fix the first election for Fitz, their lives are much better. Do they want to even think about what they would be like if they didn’t go through with that? Well, this is going to be the focal point for the whole sliding-doors premise of the episode, as we will have an opportunity to see what Olivia thinks her future would have been if things had played out differently.

Is this for sure what would’ve happened? That is one of the parts of this premise that is a little bit tricky to define and pin down. Our interpretation is that this is only Olivia’s viewpoint on said future events, and not so much anything thought to be definite or canon.

In getting back to the actual content of the sneak peek for a moment, it’s pretty clear that Fitz is not interested in doing this in the slightest. He knows that the two have already been down this road before, and there is no inherent need to have to try and do this again. Olivia, meanwhile, is a little more ambivalent. There are some interesting factors at play here when it comes to relationships, as well; you do have to remember for a moment that Olivia worked on Mellie’s campaign, that Fitz of course has a romantic history there, and that Jake was her Vice-Presidency candidate. It’s hard to call any of them unbiased in their viewpoints.

Also, Huck almost died. How much is anyone willing to go through in order to achieve a specific dream? What is worth it? We have the alternate view of Jake in that the lives of these people could have been much better in the event that they lost the election. Once they had gotten past the sting of heartache, the opportunity would have been there for them to move forward.

For some further news regarding Scandal and the upcoming 100th episode, be sure to visit the link here. Later tonight, we will be back to unravel further more of what is coming up after the fact. (Photo: ABC.)

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