The Ellen DeGeneres Show Starbucks Skybox: 3 mind-blowing activities to do in the Skybox

Ellen DegeneresThe Ellen DeGeneres Show revealed a new sponsor for the show’s Skybox on Wednesday and it seems that the new sponsor of this delightful location is Starbucks. Since the company literally found out the same time as the viewers, perhaps fans shouldn’t be surprised that it isn’t on the Starbucks app yet. Surely it could be at some point, but assume it will be by invite only.

As fans know, the Starbucks Skybox is the ultimate location to watch the show where there will be no big heads blocking your view and no one to tell you to put your socks back on because your feet smell. And sharing your opinion? Oh yeah, you can talk among yourselves and nobody can hear you chatting up how you take your coffee or how much you love what Ellen is wearing…

And that’s not all! If I was asked to sit inside this amazing perch, it would be an all out affair. Yep, there are some mind-blowing activities I’d do while watching every minute of the show (and have a little fun too.)

  1. I’d solve a big math problem. Those windows aren’t just for watching Ellen. I’d bring my markers and put up a massive equation on the window. I’d cover the glass with symbols and numbers and sternly focus on finding an answer. Let’s not get too carried away though, my math skills won’t be saving the world. I only recently found out that algebra wasn’t an expensive undergarment. Yet, this is TV doggonit! With a white silk top and a black pencil skirt, I’d look like the part as I jot numbers down randomly. The gaze I’d give the cameras over my glasses, pushed halfway down the bridge of my nose, would exert confidence. I may not save the world, but I am determined to save the day.
  2. How much is that tushie in the window? I think I missed something 20 years ago in my youth. I was amused pushing my face up to the glass windows and making fish lips. Everyone else? Blasting their bum against glass around town with Polaroid pictures as proof. I’d be a little more respectful now that I am an adult as I cover my backside with show sponsored underwear, I’d be the first lunar eclipse (covered moon) seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. No telescopes needed.
  3. Grab the glitter paddles and score the show! No pressure on Ellen DeGeneres, as we know she’s a pro, but I’d bring my paddles to do a little scoring just to keep it interesting. This may not be a dancing reality show, but that doesn’t matter. I can still offer a number and cheer everyone on. Keeping a close eye on how it all comes together, I’d hoist my paddle up so many times, I promise there will be glitter everywhere.

The lucky fans who get to sit in the Starbucks Skybox on the Ellen DeGeneres Show should be ready for an experience like no other. It’s exciting to watch Ellen on TV, but watching the show live inside the Skybox has got to be an epic opportunity. Perhaps that’s why viewers are talking about this cool location. That and the hope that the Starbucks Skybox location will serve that new Starbucks Toasted Coconut Cold Brew. Man that drink is so good!

This column was written by Jodi Jill and if you’re looking for more then be sure to head on over to the link here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: Ellen)

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