On Longmire season 6, photos, and an open atmosphere

On LongmireIs there something different in the air with Longmire season 6? We’ve always found that this is a show with a tight-knit cast and crew, where it is more then just a job – it’s really a labor of love.

Yet, this season, it does feel like there is an extra spirit of celebration, a joy in collaboration, and a sense of gratitude to the fans. We’ve got Lou Diamond Phillips directing his first episode, sneak peeks behind the scenes, and arguably more photos than ever before. We’ve got just a small sampling of some Longmire photos posted by Katee Sackhoff (Vic) and Adam Bartley (The Ferg) below.

If we were to try and piece together the reasoning for the change, whether it is intentional or not, it is the sense of nostalgia and completeness that comes with a series reaching it’s final season. When you don’t know that the end is near, maybe there is psychologically a part of the process that feels like it’s another day of work. Even if you enjoy what you do, there’s this sentiment that you may be a part of some sort of ritualistic cycle — you go in, film your scenes, do whatever else you need to do, and then go home. When the end is in sight, however, it causes you to stop and take stock in all of the little moments. Whether it be spending some time in the makeup chair, admiring the scenery around New Mexico, or spending time with your co-stars, you are reminded with each passing day how temporary things are.

Acting and showrunning are jobs attributed to a nomadic life. You know upon signing up that someday, it will end. You may try to push that end date back in your head as much as you can, but for this cast and crew, there’s no way to do that any longer. They want to embrace these next couple of months, and more than that, they want the fans to embrace them as well. Longmire exists solely because of the support of its loyal base, and it’s lovely that Sackhoff, Phillips, Bartley, and others want us to be a part of this experience. In giving us so many teases along the way, we’re getting to go through their experience of saying goodbye concurrently. We’ll prepare for the end now, and then be able to say goodbye together when the show returns this fall. The atmosphere of giving may be as open as the New Mexico sky.

In some ways, the story will live on through Craig Johnson’s books — for the cast and crew, we’re sure that these relationships will also last long beyond filming. Life is still about phases, comings, and goings, and for all involved, there is likely still a cognizance that this phase is ending; while relationships will last, nobody will be in this exact place again. If you live within each moment, you do your best to preserve them.

We’ll continue to post articles about the end of Longmire and the wide array of emotions associated with it in the coming months. Keep attuned to everything we post at the link here. (Photo: Netflix.)

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