The Blacklist season 4 finale forecast: Reddington, Liz, and a hope for closure

The Blacklist logo any seasonOn this The Blacklist season 4 finale forecast, we’re talking about closure. Is it possible for someone like Raymond Reddington to find peace? Does he need a person like Liz Keen to bring it out of him? This is a man with significant demons, and over time we’ve seen those demons overwhelm him. The confident criminal is broken, and instead we’ve seen a desperate, wounded man haunted by decisions and questions.

How do you create a culmination of Reddington’s development? How do you make Liz not only the person to change things, but the person who wants to change things?

What will happen – There is not much known at present about the finale of The Blacklist, but we anticipate that the arc of Reddington’s sabotage will reach a peak. We should know by this point who was behind the attempt to dismantle the organization, and this is mostly about the final battle. Reddington will assemble an army, but the question is how many people he will have lost in the process. His aggression and erratic behavior will have consequences. It’s one thing to be dangerous and and have a plan; it’s another thing to be dangerous and off the rails. As of late, Reddington has become more of the latter, and this could wash away his relationship with the FBI.

As for Liz, we imagine that Ryan Eggold will be back as Tom for the final episode this season, especially with the show’s future uncertain. This episode will offer answers, and probably try to satisfy in the event that the show is ending. (Adding in here after the fact that the odds are reasonably high that the show will get a season 5; that may have come across as otherwise in a previous draft.)

What should happen – Just explain the connection between Liz and Reddington. We don’t think that the two are a daughter and her father, but there are plenty of other compelling reasons why he could be closely monitoring her life. Surprise us. Also, don’t be afraid that this knowledge in any way compromises the show and its ability to be relevant and surprising moving forward. The mystery is not why people watch. They do so for the interesting Blacklisters, the mysteries, and the great performances from the likes of Megan Boone and James Spader.

When it comes to giving a compelling cliffhanger for season 5, it doesn’t have to be substantial. Whether it be introducing a potential new villain or raising a new question (maybe about Reddington’s background separate from Liz?), you can start fresh without the burden of four years of mystery surrounding their relationship. As much as we’ve enjoyed the story as of late, we do think that the show is worthy of a fresh start.

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