Arrow season 5 finale forecast: Slade Wilson, Talia, and more

Arrow season 5 finale forecastAfter two seasons that really struggled to maintain quality storytelling and getting too caught up in the crossover universe, Arrow season 5 is in the midst of a renaissance. It is the best CW superhero show on the air at present, and it also happens to be the one show in this universe that’s had no problem sharing information about its finale.

With that, let’s dive into the Arrow season 5 finale forecast with an actual spoiler warning, given that there is some information about the final episode already out there.

What will happen – The title for the last episode is “Liam Yu,” an obvious reference to the island where Oliver Queen kicked off his “five years in hell” that eventually led him back to what was then Starling City. We’re going to see him in the past leave the island, whereas in the present he could be returning for a final showdown with Prometheus.

As if this was not enough for you to be excited about, there is some other great news out there. Manu Bennett is coming back for the first time in over two seasons as Slade Wilson (one of our favorite Arrow villains!), and to go along with that, we’re also getting Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul … and these are just two of the big names that will be appearing.

What should happen – Prometheus should be locked away in Slade’s cell … and Slade gets to run free and become the Big Bad for season 6. This is probably just a pipe dream given the fact that Bennett is a series regular over on The Shannara Chronicles. We do want to see more of Prometheus on the show someday (if he survives), but there needs to be a break. Distance makes the heart grow fonder like it has for Slade. We miss him on the show tremendously.

Actually, let’s correct that — we actually prefer that Prometheus dies. It’s not that we’re desperate to get less of Josh Segarra on the series (because he really is amazing), but sometimes, it’s better to let something burn out bright than slowly see the flame dissipate. We don’t want to watch things get to the point where there’s an episode in season 6 where Oliver and Thea head to the island and beat up Adrian Chase on his own turf … yep, we’re pretty sure that’s what ticked off Manu (and viewers) in the first place.

Ultimately, make the battle epic! Create some surprises, and set up what the story could be in season 6. Also, it’s time to end the bloody flashbacks, already. If Arrow does these things, this could end up being the greatest season for the show yet.

How do you want to see Arrow season 5 conclude? Let us know in the attached comments! Meanwhile, you can head over here in the event you want to get some further news and updates right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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