The Fosters season 4 finale reaction: Will Callie, all of Anchor Beach be okay?

Fosters season 4 finaleTonight, The Fosters season 4 aired on Freeform, and there were so many questions that needed to be answered. For example, would Anchor Beach turn from a public to private school, and in the event that happened, where that would leave the likes of Mariana, Jude, and many other students.

Also, there were plenty of questions surrounding Callie’s fate, the relationship between Jesus and Emma after the abortion news came out, and then also Brandon figuring out where his place was in everything.

Let’s dive first into Callie’s story here, given that she was on the verge of spending the next three years of her life behind bars. For the majority of the episode, she found herself in a place where she didn’t have a whole lot of hope. There were a few moments in this episode tonight where it started to feel almost like The Night Of, with Callie taking off in a van right when things were starting to get better for her. Troy was confessing to a murder, and she was off making another bad decision. Judging from what we saw in that terrible scene near the end of the episode, she found herself in a fate that was far worse than prison.

Here’s the one bit of hope that she has — Stef is out there. Unfortunately, we don’t know if she’ll be able to find her.

Was Anchor Beach changed forever?

Nick’s father was desperate to transform the school into a private school, and the further the episode went along, the more it looked like he was going to get his way. Mariana and the rest of the kids were not even let into the meeting.

While the likes of Mariana and Jesus were stuck outside, this when things started to really hit the fan. Jesus learned via Mariana that Brandon knew was involved in Emma’s decision, and it was then in a conversation with Brandon that all of the pieces lined up into place: Brandon was the father of the baby Emma aborted. All of a sudden, trying to save the Anchor Beach charter was no longer anywhere near as important … at least for these two. While Brandon chased after Jesus, the remainder of the students protested in the streets.

In true The Fosters fashion, tonight’s episode was further proof that right when some things start to get better, they get worse elsewhere and for other people.

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