Major Crimes season 5 finale was planned as potential series finale

Major Crimes season 5 finaleSometimes in television, you have to prepare for the worst. When it comes to the Major Crimes season 5 cast and crew, they had to prepare for the possibility that the finale was the end of not just the season, but the series as a whole. It was tough to think about the end of the series, but at the same time, we were starting to until the show was renewed for a season 6.

Speaking to TVLine, show executive producer James Duff makes it clear that there was originally indecision on the part of TNT about a renewal, which does make us wonder whether or not season 6 could be the final one for the show. That is a question that we’ll have to figure out down the road, but for now, let’s just focus on the story that is present during season 5, which is all about trying to stop a bomber in their tracks.

For a little bit more insight specifically into that, here is what Duff had to say:

“The mystery of Major Crimes isn’t just about who did it all the time. Sometimes it’s about how you catch them … That’s one of the things we like about the show, that tonally it shifts and the formula shifts. We don’t always have a whodunit, and our finales very often are about people you see committing the crime at the very beginning, and… making the connection to who they are. And since this whole ‘back 8’ winter order has been about ‘connections,’ we wanted to do a two-parter about when you assume you have connections and you don’t, or that your connections are stronger than they are, or that things that should be connected don’t seem to actually work properly.”

We imagine that things are going to be crazy, and we’re excited to see how we are going to see everything now unfold. Maybe we’ll get some resolution for the bomber story with the thought in mind that this was originally a series finale; if there is a cliffhanger, maybe it’ll come in another form. This is a show that’s certainly done some great ones over the years. For example, just remember back for a minute at what they pulled out for the end of the summer season with Andy’s health crisis. (Thank goodness that wasn’t originally a series finale.)

If you do want to get some additional news regarding the Major Crimes finale and what to expect, be sure to head over to the link here. Tomorrow night, we will return with more. (Photo: TNT.)

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