Switched at Birth series finale reaction: Bay, Travis’ future; John’s surprise

Switched at Birth series finale reaction

This Switched at Birth series finale reaction begins and ends with two words: Full circle. The episode tonight was the best example of what happens when the past influences the future. It was touching, it was hopeful, and it certainly was open-ended enough for the show to return down the road if this is something that the folks at Freeform want.

For Bay, she’s facing a clean slate in terms of what she wants. She’s still pursuing her goal of being a tattoo artist, even if it took John a long time to get on board with the idea. (He even was a heel to her at a public event, though men being heels was a theme for most of the episode.) She’s decided to stay to further along her career in town, and not following along Travis after he received an opportunity to play professional baseball in Japan. He realized that this was his big chance, and while he offered Bay a chance to go with him, she knew that her heart was elsewhere. How the two handled this was perfectly adult, and it looks like their future is still intact despite them being apart for thousands of miles.

As for Bay and Emmett, it was nice to see them share a moment tonight that signified all the better that the two are in a good place, and that so many things are starting to repair themselves after so much heartache and frustration among the friends.

What else happened over the course of the hour?

Daphne keeps fighting

After learning about a dream internship, Daphne found herself fighting for what she wanted despite being discriminated against by the man behind said internship. She wouldn’t let him slamming the door in her face get her down, and vowed to keep fighting. Nonetheless, she also showed support for Mingo as he looked towards his own future in medicine and potentially getting the internship himself. These two may have a future future, and we love how supportive that they were of each other in this episode.


Seeing the end of Regina and Luca’s relationship so late in the game was a little bit of a shock, but not so much when it came to seeing where she ended up in the closing minutes. She made a decision to step out more on her own and take on a new mission. Elsewhere, one of the big surprises was learning about a separate, secret test that John had taken even more the switch. While him keeping something under wraps for more than five years seems somewhat shady, his devotion to his family never wavered despite some fear at the time that Kathryn was unfaithful.

Now, it ends

Overall, the Switched at Birth series finale was a lovely way to sign off, and nothing signified the full-circle feeling better than that sight of Bay and Daphne in the closing seconds, recreating another iconic shot. Their dreams are basically a comet flying across the night sky, and they are off trying to give chase.

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Meanwhile, be sure to visit this link to score some more news in terms of if there could be a season 6 someday. (Photo: Freeform.)

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