Is The Flash new tonight? Return date; season 3 behind the scenes

Flash new tonightIs The Flash new tonight? We’ve got an answer for you coming up, plus a return date and a great look at season 3 behind the scenes.

Let’s go ahead now and confirm, sadly, that there is no new Flash on the air. It’d be great if there was, but the future of the show is regrettably on hold for a little while. Specifically, until we roll around until Tuesday, April 25. That is when the final five episodes of the season will air starting with “The Once and Future Flash.” There’s a ton to look forward to there in between the return of some great villains, Killer Frost reigning supreme, and also a chance to (hopefully) get to know more about Savitar.

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be tough to get a whole lot of insight on The Flash and what’s ahead in the middle of this waiting game. With that, why not present a quick look behind the scenes while you wait? Tonight, The CW is re-airing the first of the two-part Grodd episode, and the video below offers up a good look at what went into making these gorillas and the Gorilla City home realistic. These were the most challenging episodes of the season from a technical point of view, and with that, we have to give the team some props.

The one thing that we do wish is that The Flash had better ratings so that it could throw even more money into creating some big effects. One of the biggest challenges that came along with the Grodd episodes was that there was clearly only so much the team could do with the money that they had, so we spent a lot of time with the gorillas off-screen in some capacity. We would be surprised if Grodd does return later this season, largely because of the fact that there are so many other priorities that the show has right now. Also, you know that this is a thread that the producers will want to dangle down the road.

What do you want to see on The Flash moving forward this season? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here to see some other recent updates on the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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