The Fosters season 4 finale spoilers: Callie’s plea deal offer

Callie's plea dealAs you’ve already likely seen in promos for The Fosters season 4 finale, Callie’s plea deal offer is going to be a huge component in the story ahead. It’s going to define her future, and it’s absolutely playing an enormous role in her present.

For more, you don’t have to look any further than the sneak peek present below courtesy of Freeform. In this video, Callie receives the unfortunate news that the latest ammunition against her is severe, so much so that the prosecution is ready to bring the hammer. Her plea deal offer is to go to jail for three years as an adult. She can start serving immediately, and knowing the prison system it’s possible she can get out a little early on good behavior.

Yet, we know that this is still a huge chunk of your life to spend behind bars, and is The Fosters really going to want to send Callie there away from the rest of the cast? As we’ve seen with some other shows as of late, whether it be Criminal Minds or Suits, prison storylines are tough to execute since the chemistry and the characters are among the reasons why so many of these shows are effective. You do want to see characters around other characters at the end of the day, and not segmented off from the people they know.

Ultimately, the other option here for Callie is simple — fight, tooth and nail, in order to keep herself free. We’ll admire her for whatever effort she puts into try to ensure her freedom, but we also know that this is not going to be an easy quest for her to embark on given how much evidence is working against her. We’ve always maintained that Maia Mitchell’s character is typically well-intentioned, but she struggles in terms of getting out of her own way. She does always cause far more problems for herself than she really needs to.

Maybe we will get some resolution for Callie by the end of the season; or, maybe for some torturous reason this is put off until we get to season 5. Given the way that this show often operates, for the time being we do envision either one of these scenarios as possible.

What do you think will happen with Callie’s plea deal on The Fosters season 4 finale? Share below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here if you missed the recent promo for the episode. (Photo: Freeform.)

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