Chicago Fire season 5 finale forecast: Should someone leave 51?

Chicago Fire season 5 finale forecastIn this Chicago Fire season 5 finale forecast, we have to ponder over the thought of a departure. The Dick Wolf universe is set within a tremendous bubble of realism, so this isn’t a franchise where people stick around forever, and we’re not just talking about a character potentially dying. Remember that there are so many different ways that a character can leave a show — they can quit the job, be fired, or simply be reassigned elsewhere.

We do think that in order to keep the show’s authenticity, the masterminds behind Chicago Fire have to look at something like this for the end of the season … even though it pains us to say it given that we love the characters we already have.

What should happen – Don’t kill anyone, but give a character an opportunity to do something somewhere else. For example, maybe there’s a family member out of town that needs them, or they realize while out on the job that they have a different calling that they want to pursue. One of the themes that could be explored in the finale is legacy, and how certain characters want to define their stories. For some of the firefighters, having their legacy be dictated by this all-consuming job may not be enough.

In addition to this, we would like to see something more happen when it comes to Dawson and Casey’s family life. Maybe they start to think about children after everything with Louie — they know that they can be great parents, so that could encourage them to go for it again. There’s been enough time so it won’t be a rash decision.

Also, it’d be nice to have some concrete news one way or another on the future of the Anna character.

What will happen – Of course, there’ll be a huge fire, and someone will probably be in grave danger as a result. We also think that we’ll get a good progress report on the Brett / Dawson partnership that we’ve seen for most of the season, and also if Boden is going to be able to operate his firehouse moving forward without the same sort of pestering and interference that he’s been forced to deal with for most of the season to date.

Is it possible that there will be a crossover? Maybe with a character or two, but all of the other One Chicago shows have their own finales. There’s not going to be a lot of time to focus on that sort of stuff.

How do you want to see Chicago Fire season 5 come to a close? Share some of your thoughts now with a comment! Meanwhile, head over to the link here if you’re interested in some additional news on the show. (Photo: NBC.)

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