Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony; Bruno, Dillon get heated

BrunoThe Veto ceremony in the Big Brother Canada house certainly caused a great deal more drama than we thought that it would this morning, with one of the biggest reasons for it being a plan that almost came together last night for Kevin to use the Veto to save Dillon. This move in turn would’ve led to Bruno being the replacement nominee, which is not something that Kevin would’ve anticipated. He thought Jackie was going up instead, which meant that his target in Emily would be leaving the game.

Well, you can blame a combination of Ika’s flip-flopping and common sense for that not happening, since Kevin eventually opted to not play it. This leaves Dillon and Emily on the block — and judging from some of the blowups this morning, William is looking all the smarter for not making a huge move. We’ve said that other alliances would eventually crumble and he could have an in down the road; now, it’s happening.

Dillon and Emily went in hard this morning on Bruno, with Dillon in particular doing his tough-guy act making it clear that Bruno may have been playing them all along. The funny thing about the fight was that Dillon / Emily were operating with bad information that Jackie was going to be the replacement nominee when that was not actually the case.

The big smoking gun here to Dillon is that Kevin fought hard to win the Veto, and that’s what is screwing with his head so much. Kevin clearly wanted the money prize, and we feel like he was thinking about that more than almost anything else. Dillon feels like Kevin should’ve let him have it if they were working together, but that’s not what ended up unfolding.

Ultimately, it seems like Sindy could end up being the swing vote to determine who goes between Dillon and Emily, but there’s a little more time for that to unfold. For now, we feel like this was the worst time ever for Bruno to get this sort of heat on him. He’s now in a position where he needs desperately to win the Double Eviction Head of Household, since if someone like Emily or Dre gets it, there’s a good chance that he finds himself up on the block and heading out the door. He’s a good player, but these sort of situations are what make people great players. If he gets out of this without too much heat, he may be able to find some smooth sailing again.

Who do you think should be evicted this week — Dillon, or Emily? Share your thoughts one way or the other below!

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