MacGyver finale promo: Is Bozer in danger?

MacGyver finale promoIn the case you haven’t see it yet, we’ve got the MacGyver finale promo for you below … let’s just say that this one gives you a good sense of the danger that’s coming.

This looks to certainly be the most dangerous episode of the season to date — we don’t know how else you could explain an episode that revolves almost entirely around a crisis situation at the Phoenix Foundation where lives are in jeopardy? While Murdoc appears to still be behind bars (for now), he does have an inside man wrecking some havoc from within.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Mark Sheppard of Supernatural fame is going to be appearing in the episode as Murdoc’s former cellmate, and a man who gains access to the foundation after posing as a lab tech. Once inside, that seems to be where the chaos begins. At some point, Bozer gets stabbed … and then our heart sinks because it’s Bozer and the last thing we want to see is something happening to him. He’s the comedic heart of the show!

All indications suggest that this episode is going to give you more of a sense of action and danger than any other than we’ve seen to date, and the thought of that is somewhat mind-melting given how much of it we’ve gotten so far. Even though the MacGyver writers were not aware at the time of writing the finale about whether or not the show would be coming back for a second season, they were likely empowered enough by the ratings to come up with something big that could set up the second season of the show. After all, we have a really tough time envisioning that we’re at the point where the story will end without some sort of teaser for what’s to come.

As for whether or not Murdoc eventually gets involved in the action in a little more of a hands-on way, the biggest thing that we can say to that is that he’s Murdoc. It seems as though it’ll be next to impossible to stop him for good. If he’s crafty enough to get someone to go at the Phoenix Foundation in his stead, he’s also craft enough to figure out a way to bust out of prison and make life a living hell for everyone around him.

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