The Big Bang Theory – Young Sheldon prequel will be single-camera

Young Sheldon prequelHere’s one thing that we didn’t expect when it comes to the Big Bang Theory – Young Sheldon prequel series — it’s actually not going to be a traditional sitcom at all!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming series (which is likely going to air immediately after the flagship show this fall) will be a single-camera comedy rather than the multi-camera sitcom with the live audience. This means that the show’s going to have an incredibly different form, which is both exciting and also very risky since you don’t know precisely how it’s all going to pan out. There will be likely more sets and no laugh track at all.

One of the other things that is already rather interesting about Young Sheldon as a prequel series is that Zoe Perry, daughter of Laurie Metcalf, is going to play the younger version of Sheldon’s mother Mary Cooper. With that in mind, Perry told the aforementioned website at the Scandal 100th episode party (where she is appearing alongside her father Jeff Perry) that she did look to her mother for a few pointers:

“I did run one of the scenes with her because I was curious to hear her accent doing it … Although I actually didn’t have her read the lines because then that would’ve just stuck in my head. But I made her talk a little bit and I rewatched some of her stuff.”

Perry did say that she didn’t have an easier time getting the role because of who her mother was — she still went through a normal audition process, and we believe that a thousand percent. While it is a cute story that she’s the daughter of the actress who plays Mary Cooper on the flagship show, CBS and the producers wouldn’t do this unless they felt like they could build a series around her and young actor Liam Armitage of Big Little Lies, who is poised to play the title character.

Jim Parsons is an executive producer on the new series, so in between him and the remainder of the Big Bang Theory creative team, we know that there will be the talent present here to make the show work. It just remains to be seen if there is an appetite for much of the public to see more of this character.

Are you interested in checking out the Young Sheldon prequel when it airs on CBS? Share some of your thoughts in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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