Ransom finale spoilers: Details, plus more season 2 renewal odds

Ransom finaleInterested in some Ransom finale spoilers? Tonight’s episode is the penultimate hour airing on CBS, and with that, there’s a good bit to look forward to! This is a chance to really learn a little bit more about whether or not Eric and his team have the mettle to stop something that could create a devastating incident. In order for that to happen, though, it will require him to set past issues aside with someone who he’s had some problems with in the past.

Past a few more details? Then read on…

Ransom finale synopsis – “Eric must work with a past adversary to stop a hacker from activating explosions worldwide unless the NSA surrenders access to their confidential files.”

Sure, that may not be the most extensive preview in the world, but we do think that it does a good job of suggesting everything that you’re going to see over the course of the hour. Maybe there’s a cliffhanger for season 2, but with a show like this, it’s honestly hard to gauge one way or another. There’s a good case for one since it would leave everyone on edge for a second season. Yet, at the same time there’s a good case for not going that way since you do want closure in the event that the show is not renewed. As we’re about to point out, the needle could go either way on the show coming back.

Ransom season 2 speculation

The biggest thing that we will credit Ransom fans for at the moment is being fiercely loyal to the show, really no matter when it is on (there have been many super-brief delays) or what the story happens to be in the moment. The second season to date has averaged a total of a 0.4 rating and just over 3 million viewers. More importantly, there’s been almost no change from when the show first started to air on Saturdays. Therefore, if you were watching two months ago, you’re probably still watching now. That’s an encouraging sign, but it’s far from a guarantee of more episodes.

We’ve said this a few times, but it bears repeating that even with this being a co-production, it’s still hard to gauge precisely what CBS is going to want to do here. There’s not a pretty clear road map that is out there.

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