Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Defending William’s nominations

William's nominationsWilliam’s nominations came through earlier this morning on Big Brother Canada, and we’re sure that they will be met with some audible groans from people calling them a “waste of a Head of Household.”

Yet, we’re here to say that they are really not as bad as they seem.

In nominating Dillon and Emily today, what William is doing is enduring that he gets rid of someone who most of the house won’t care to lose. Dillon is someone not tight with anyone other than Emily — while he may be somewhat close with Neda, Bruno, and Kevin, the three will be fine to get him out since it means they don’t go on the block. Neither is bringing all that much to the table TV-wise, so it’s not like we’re missing a lot there.

Strategy-wise, consider this — William has an easy replacement nominee in Jackie, and he keeps several strong allies including Ika, Dre, and Karen around with him. Demetres and Kevin are guys that probably won’t target him directly, and Kevin may have some input with Bruno. He’ll have to worry about Emily, Neda, and potentially Sindy, but Emily hasn’t shown to be much of a comp beat this season.

If William survives the double-eviction, remember this — once jury starts, Neda will be the biggest target of the house by far, and eventually the dominant alliances will start to cannibalize. Ika and Demetres have already moved away from their original alliance, and if Neda goes, Bruno and Kevin are a duo looking to pick up numbers. With alliances crumbling, William shows himself to be a good asset since he’s not closely tied with any one person and can work with a wide array of different people.

The one thing that he should be concerned about is the fact that he’s won two big competitions now, and he’s not going to be under the radar as much as he was. At one point, his language barrier and his demeanor probably caused him to be perceived as merely a lighthearted presence in the house, and that may not be the same as it was anymore.

Veto Players – Joining William, Emily, and Dillon are Dre, Karen, and Kevin. We don’t see any of the extra players being that eager to win this given that they know they’re not in danger.

We’ll be back later with some more Big Brother Canada news over at the link here. (Photo: Global.)


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