Homeland season 6 episode 12 (finale) sneak peek: Evacuating Keane

Homeland season 6Moving into Homeland season 6 episode 12 on Sunday night, one thing is going to be very clear on the subject of President-Elect Keane: She is in jeopardy. The Homeland finale is going to surround her with carnage, while Carrie and the remainder of the security detail will have to look for ways in order to ensure her safety.

Judging from the sneak peek video below, the team is going to fine-tune everything they can from the timing of things to the use of a decoy. At this point, they understand the way that her evacuation must go — they’ve also seen enough in terms of threats to know what happens if they don’t plan things out in such a way. To go along with this further, they may also understand what the stakes are if something happens to Keane. Throwing the political world into upheaval is rarely a good thing; even if Keane’s impending Presidency is not incredibly well-received by everyone, you do want to do everything that you can in order to ensure the process is reasonably smooth.

This finale is expected to be a watershed one for the series, especially as Carrie and company move forward into a season 7 full of uncertainty. Could we have the rare season in which the cast stays roughly in the same place as the year before? The last time we really had that full experience was the first three seasons of the show, although season 3 did feature a rather extensive amount of traveling. Season 6 proved that the show doesn’t need to go international in order for there to be a certain degree of flair or relevancy. There are certainly enough things going on in terms of international relations in 2017 for such things as travel to be less important. Stick around in America, introduce some new characters, and do your best to project where society could be going moving forward. These are the things that Homeland excels at as a series and why it remains relevant.

What do you think: Will Keane still have her position by the time the Homeland season 6 finale concludes? Let us know in the comments.

Rest assured that this is not the only piece of the finale pie that we’ve got for you today — if you do head over to the link here, you can see some more in terms of our take on the finale promo. (Photo: Showtime.)

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