Shark Tank swimming: Are entrepreneurs looking for investors willing to take the plunge?

SharkOn Shark Tank every entrepreneur and business owner who steps foot in front of the investors are taking a risk. The risk of failure. The risk of embarrassment. The risk of walking away looking dumb. These risks are worth the reward, if, an investor is found. And maybe even if an investor isn’t found.

On the ABC show the opportunity of swimming with the Shark Tank investors is a metaphor. It actually seems appropriate outside of the TV show too. After being screened by casting crew members, videotaped, reviewed by producers a real opportunity comes along. Those lucky enough to be chosen to take a dip with the sharks will see if they can find an investor. The same thing happens in the real world too, but it’s not such a strict process.

Is every entrepreneur willing to take the plunge to find investors?

In the real world opportunities for business people to be pitching products and services in the search for investors is very real. While there might not be as many people screening the ideas like on the show, but the need to swim with the investors is definitely happening. However many of entrepreneurs aren’t willing to take the final plunge. That’s right. Many entrepreneurs are holding back.

Watching the popular ABC show, people who do hold back can easily be pointed out (who said hindsight isn’t 20/20?). It’s a telling sign that’s pretty obvious to a seasoned investor and the TV viewers can see it too. The pitch fails to offer up details needed for a deal. Some entrepreneurs slouch. And others business owners just appear to be combative. In short, they are all not committed to taking the plunge which leaves them vulnerable.

One never knows the outcome of an opportunity unless they take the risk and give it full attention. This is true when looking for investors too. Sometimes it is painful to feel rejection and when banking on it in business, it’s a financial blow, too. However, it’s part of the process and a reason to be ready to let loose. The most amazing opportunities will present themselves when you find yourself ready to open up and see exactly how they can grow your business.

Entrepreneur tip: Take the risk when looking for investors. The outcomes of efforts can only be found out if we try. Entrepreneurs will never regret failure, but will regret never trying without giving their all. (Photo: ABC.)

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