Why are Agent Gibbs’ rules so popular? NCIS viewers can recite rules with ease

GibbsAfter visiting with a very passionate NCIS viewer this week, the discussion turned to the value of all the rules shared by Agent Gibbs on NCIS over the series. If you’re a frequent viewer, you know that Agent Gibbs’ rules aren’t anything new. They started early in the series, and continue to be a source of reference in new episodes.

Agent Gibbs’ rules are often practical words of advice that are used to decipher life, and they are absolutely chronicled by fans. In fact, there are many rules with entire websites reviewing, cataloging and sharing the knowledge. For example, look at a page on the show’s wiki. It’s an intriguing part of the show that the fans absolutely love.

While most fair-weather viewers might turn on the show for a specific story of the week, the diehard fans have their Twitter account ready to share finer details, including the latest rule (or a rule that’s being reviewed by the team). In fact, that’s what I was discussing with this dedicated NCIS viewer. I’m in amazement and appreciate people who are willing to take time to not just enjoy their favorite broadcast, but also share some of the insight they receive from it.

In our lives today there is so much to do that remembering and sharing a character’s rules is a commitment in itself. Family, jobs and other obligations tend to take up so many hours. Adding in there the chance to share and learn a small nugget of information from a popular CBS show, well. that’s what a real fan will do. Also, it is a way to offer up some personal insight in a conversation, and to express passion from one fan to the next. For fans, Gibbs’ rules have many purposes.

Agent Gibbs’ rules have further impact

The impact of Agent Gibbs’ rules might seem like banter on TV. Yet for most folks who love the show, it’s more. They use these words of wisdom in their everyday lives as it’s helpful solid advice. The rules might sound like common sense and they might be. Yet, common sense is sometimes easy to forget about, and this valuable wisdom can help out both fans and non-fans alike.

Which of Agent Gibbs’ rules are favored by the fans? It’s tough to measure which rule is loved the most. It appears the decision is based on a twinge of personal preference or the reflection of a situation where knowledge is needed. It’s a matter of preference, but the writers should feel pride that so many are important and beloved. Gibbs’ rules are an integral part of the show, and it is exciting to see how the writers will use them next.

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