Will Agent Pride find love? NCIS: New Orleans viewers see softer side of character

PrideOver the past few episodes of NCIS: New Orleans the viewers have seen a softer side of Special Agent Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula). Known to be tough on crime, to the point of guarding New Orleans from crime like a fortress in the South, the revelations of his personal life haven’t been actively seen much until recently. This is when Rita found her way into Pride’s heart.

As viewers might remember, Pride’s character was coming away from a breakup as the series progressed. Viewers met his daughter and saw his pain when talking about his last relationship. It was a personal look with some touching moments, but the fans had to make many assumptions. With a new woman in the picture the story has picked up, and it’s a very interesting part of the NCIS: New Orleans story now.

Now with Agent Pride finding a new love in his life (even as briefly as it’s been this season), the true character of this lawman is being defined. What fans have seen from the tough guy is he truly has a soft spot for the right lady. There was never any doubt. He was always looking after his team in a kind and compassionate way, but he didn’t get too personal. Until now, that is.

With the current story having the ADA and Reserve Navy CDR JAG Corps Rita Devereaux leaving for Washington to pursue another job, the viewers have asked if this was a missed opportunity. Is is possible that she will come back, or is this possible romance fizzling out thanks to the New Orleans Mayor? She could always come back (or he could visit her for a weekend), but the relationship immediately became complicated when she departed.

Hopefully, in the future episodes this answer will be defined. There is no doubt the mayor is looking for revenge. Also, it’s wise if someone is feeling attacked they leave a situation. This scenario makes it tough for Pride. He’s vowed to take down someone he believes is in organized crime, even if he still wants to pursue the potential woman of his dreams.

Will Agent Pride get Rita back?

It should be noted that everyone watching at home is pulling for Agent Pride. We’d all love to see the man find true love and take down one of the smuggest evildoers in New Orleans. No doubt we’ll all be cheering Pride on when it happens.

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