Fans of NCIS team up with Agent Gibbs to play NCIS: Hidden Crimes

NCIS: Hidden CrimesIf you’re a fan of NCIS on Tuesday night you know that sad feeling that comes along on Friday when you are counting the days before the popular CBS show returns. The week can’t seem to move fast enough Tuesday seems to be a long time coming. Which is why over 100,000 people might have found a solution playing NCIS: Hidden Crimes.

This interesting game on Facebook brings the crime right to your laptop as Agent Gibbs, Abby and Agent McGee help players solve crimes involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps! This game has people running down clues, arresting bad guys and hanging with the cast of NCIS (digitally of course).

According to NCIS Hidden Crimes, there are 6 different investigation modes, 9 puzzle types including an interesting drone surveillance and microscope analysis part, and additional opportunities to play. If you watch the show, you will have no trouble appreciating all the terminology and references in the game. It’s like being part of the cast when on the case.

As far as games go, this interactive opportunity to be part of the squad room is a great. It’s a perfect way to pass the time before another episode of the popular show too. Offering a way to enjoy the challenge, players can make their way up to Senior Special Agent. Obviously, nobody can be as good as Agent Gibbs, but that’s only because he’s the best (and he’s solved crimes for years.) Yet, players can be second best (or the best they can be) as they play the game. Easy and fun, it’s a perfect way to be part of NCIS during the week.

Test your knowledge of NCIS crime solving

Even if you decide playing a video game about NCIS isn’t your cup of tea, go check out the artwork for this game on the Facebook page. I promise you will smile at the image of the cast. Expect to giggle a bit too. Agent Gibbs and all the NCIS characters have hit a time machine when showcasing this game. Nobody ever seems to age, and they all look constantly enthusiastic!

For some further news regarding NCIS, be sure to head over to the link here for a preview for Tuesday night’s new episode.

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