The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 20 review: Sheldon in a haze

The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 20 reviewOn Thursday night’s The Big Bang Theory episode, we saw a story that began with Sheldon Cooper determining that one way or another, he was going to be able to spend the time necessary to work on Amy’s project and also the one with Leonard and Howard.

At first, this looked as though it was going to work out okay … and then everything started to spiral into the toilet. He overlooked himself, became exhausted, and by the end of the episode, we ended up seeing the guy be put into a situation where he was not only ill, but also completely in a Hangover situation. He woke up at home after taking too much cough medication, and had almost no idea how he got there. Not only that, but he was missing his pants … and his notebook containing valuable research information.

We like stories that do tend to operate with this sort of creativity, given that it puts characters outside of their element. For example, we learned that during his haze, Sheldon found his way to a cowboy bar, where he proceeded to tell everyone about the project that he was working on. Pretty perfect. Eventually, everything looked like it was going to be okay, but clearly Sheldon doesn’t need to be taking cough medicine anymore.

“You know what happens me in prison. I’ll be some large man’s tutor.” – Sheldon, in the midst of his panic over the notebook.

Bernadette’s secret problem

This story proved to be the opposite of what was going on with Sheldon, mostly because it was quiet, emotional, and put the focus on Bernadette struggling with the issue of going back to work. She was going to miss Halley, and this was one of the more relatable stories that the writers have ever presented on the show. It doesn’t matter what your intellect is; we all often do have the same struggles.

Eventually Howard did figure out a way to make her feel better — but there was a pretty silly story arc in here as well courtesy of him telling her that a relative died many years ago and he’d forgotten to clue her in to the news.


The episode could’ve gone in deeper on the subject of Bernadette’s struggle, but we understand why they don’t. This isn’t Mom, and The Big Bang Theory does tend to keep things light a simple. This was a fun episode, but there was a missed opportunity in not extended the Sheldon saga to a full half-hour rather than just starting it around the 11-minute mark. We could’ve fit in more antics! The “Soft Kitty” opening was a nice callback. Grade: B.

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