Silicon Valley season 4 episode 1 spoilers: First look at premiere

Silicon Valley season 4 episode 1Silicon Valley season 4 episode 1 is coming your way on Sunday, April 23, and in leading up to the show’s big launch over on HBO, we’re eager to hand down a little more news regarding what is coming up in “Success Failure,” the official premiere episode. Just based on the name alone, it’s fair for you to make the presumption that not all is going to go according to plan. With that being said, the chaos may be a little more widespread than you would realize.

Take a look at the just-released synopsis below, which gives you a good sense as to precisely what is coming up:

“In the wake of Pied Piper’s clickfarm scandal, the guys struggle to find funding for Pied Piper’s video-chat app to keep up with their rapidly growing user base. Erlich (T.J. Miller) faces resistance from Big Head’s dad (Patrick O’Connor), while Gavin (Matt Ross) balks after Jack (Stephen Tobolowsky) steps on his toes at Hooli. Having a hard time adjusting to his company’s pivot, Richard (Thomas Middleditch) gets sage advice from an unexpected source, leading him to a big idea that could change his future.”

We’ve already seen in the trailer Richard looking towards building a “new internet” of some form, whatever that means. This could be the beginnings of him going down that path.

In getting back to the present state of Pied Piper, if you recall Dinesh’s video-chat was the success that came out of nowhere. It began as a simple way for him to get a better opportunity to creep on a woman who was working with him overseas; however, soon after that the team started to realize more and more of its functionality. Like the original Pied Piper compression service, it was a brilliant idea. Where the two parties differ is that the original Pied Piper, while great in theory, proved to be incredibly troublesome in the hands of the people who would want to use it the most — everyday people. It was popular in Richard’s circles and that was about it. Meanwhile, the video-chat software is far more functional, and that allows the team to actually get a little closer to finding some legitimate success. That’s something that has been lacking for much of the series.

What do you expect to see over Silicon Valley season 4 episode 1? Share some of your hopes / expectations now below! (Photo: HBO.)

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