Freeform orders Squirrel Girl series (insert Anna Kendrick hopes)

Freeform -At one point, Squirrel Girl was more of an obscure Marvel comic-book character, at least until Anna Kendrick came around and changed that by expressing her desire to play the role.

Now, we’re hearing officially that someone in Freeform is interested in picking that property up, specifically in the form of The New Warriors. The network ordered today ten episodes of the series, which marks the first official live-action comedy within the Marvel universe. There is no official premiere date for the project just yet, but we anticipate it launching at some point in the summer of next year.

In a statement, Marvel’s TV head Jeph Loeb had the following to say about the property being brought finally to life:

“’Marvel’s New Warriors’ have always been fan favorites, and now particularly with the addition of Squirrel Girl, they are Marvel Television favorites as well.”

Now in getting to some of the inevitable rumors that are out there regarding whether or not Kendrick could actually end up playing the part she so yearns for … we doubt it. Kendrick has a whole lot going on, and it’s always tough to envision a film star coming over to do a cable series, especially when said cable series is not on HBO like Big Little Lies. For the time being, we’re just grateful that we’re getting a Squirrel Girl series in any form given that this is one of the last things that we ever thought that we’d have a chance to see on television. (Then again, Marvel is pretty much adapting anything and everything under the sun these days to television, so you might as well go ahead and add this to the mix.)

Ultimately, the comic company is set to have a big next year or so in between this, The Inhumans, and The Defenders finally coming on the air. They do also have the next chapter of The Avengers coming into movie theaters before too long, but movies aren’t really our beat here. There is plenty to discuss here in terms of television.

What do you think about the idea of getting Squirrel Girl on TV? Are you hoping to watch the new show? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below! Of course, we’ll have further news about the project as it comes out. (Photo: Freeform.)

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