Chicago Fire season 5 episode 18 review: Are Severide and Anna done?

Chicago Fire season 5 episode 18 reviewThis Chicago Fire season 5 episode 18 review begins with a different sort of crisis — specifically, a crack house that was basically storing a junkie named Chelsea inside and not letting her go.

What is exciting about the stories the producers are giving us these days is that they’re branching so far out of the typical firefighter realm. It would’ve been easy for them to just throw Casey into another firefighting situation, but one week after his goal revolved around moving a port-a-potty, he tonight went “full Gabby Dawson” (her words) in trying to help the young woman have a second chance at life. He didn’t want to see her enter the system, and that would happen as a result of a police raid.

Therefore, Casey had to get a tad creative in finding a way to get her out of the house. Instead, he got Firehouse 51 to boost into the house, claiming that they all “smelled smoke.” What they found on the inside was a dude with a machete ready to inflict some serious damage with it.

Luckily, there was yet another smart move made by Casey and the 51 team to get her out of the home, and they spooked the guy into leaving. From there, they had to get Chelsea to go with them. With the help of Chelsea’s parents and even Stella, who offered up an anecdote from her past, they were able to do so.

Severide’s father reentered the picture

Kelly’s planned romantic getaway with Anna was delayed thanks to Benny’s arrival, and from there, everything had the potential to go completely out of control. Benny is Benny — he tells ridiculous stories, and he’s not the sort of man Kelly wants to be.

Yet, immediately after arriving to the dinner, she realized that it wasn’t where she wanted to be and that was that. Is this relationship over? We certainly hope not. We’d love to see her stick around; maybe the whole experience just has her afraid or timid.

Can Dawson and Brett be effective trainers?

Well, this was awkward. After a training experience that went awry, the two were forced to undergo retraining at the end of the episode. They weren’t fond of it, but at the end of the episode the two agreed to go along with it. As Dawson said, it was far better than sitting inside.


The one other story of the episode was Herrmann learning a thing or two about free speech thanks to his son Lee Henry, who refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school. At first, Herrmann was irate, but by the end of the episode, he learned that there was a different way to handle the situation and get his son on board with reciting the pledge. Grade: B+.

Next time on Chicago Fire

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