Invader Zim joins Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life with revival movies

Invader ZimThis just in — Nickelodeon is really into doing revivals at the moment for some of their one-time beloved properties. We knew that we’re getting this with both Hey Arnoldand with Rocko’s Modern Life, and we also know now that we’re getting this with Invader Zim.

Probably the big surprise when it comes to a potential revival of this cult classic is merely that — this is not a show that aired for an extended period of time when it first aired. It was around from 2001-2002, and revolved around an alien named Zim who, alongside his minion Gir, tried his best to come up with a plan to destroy Earth once and for all. This did not end well for him the majority of the time.

Now, Deadline reports that Invader Zim is going to be coming onto Nickelodeon in the future as a 90-minute movie. It’s too early to project when it will air and what the story will be, but the majority of the main cast for the show will return — including Richard Horvitz as Zim. Without this cast in play, the show wouldn’t quite work.

One of the biggest reasons for this revival, at least from a Nickelodeon standpoint, is a way to bring back some millennial viewers who grew up watching this show. These viewers are the sort who are starting to become parents, and they can in turn try to get their kids involved and hooked on the programming.

Who knows? It’s also possible that we could see this become something more in the future. This is clearly something that we’ve expressed a hope to see before when it comes to both Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life, so we certainly would like to see the same thing here. We definitely saw the impact of Invader Zim on many people growing up — the show was a hot commodity in particular in Hot Topic stores, where it was clear how popular it was to a certain demographic.

What do you want to see on an Invader Zim revival? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below, in addition to sharing what other revivals you want to see in the future.

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