Broadchurch season 3 episode 7 spoilers: What follows Mark Latimer shock

Broadchurch season 3 episode 7We’re looking ahead now to Broadchurch season 3 episode 7 following tonight’s episode, though admittedly that is rather tough to do following one of the most gut-wrenching endings to any episode that we’ve seen so far through three seasons. We’re left now with only two more installments to go, and while there are a flurry of suspects still out there, are emotions are at a peak and we’re probably going to see them stay high as we get near the end of the season.

Now, let’s go ahead and share what little ITV was willing to give us following tonight’s chorus of shockers.

Broadchurch season 3 episode 7 synopsis – “Ellie makes a breakthrough, and the Latimers count the cost.”

Yes, that’s it, unless you want a reminder of all of the various actors who are a part of the show. For now, we’re assuming that Mark Latimer is in fact dead, given that this seems to make the most sense. What his death means, and what his history with Joe Miller means, are two questions that you’re left to ponder over the final episodes. We think losing him opens the door for an array of other suspects, since it seems to be very much the mission at the moment of ITV to try to perplex and confuse to the best of their ability. We have every reason in the world to think that they’ll be successful in that until the closing minutes of the finale.

Here is the question that Chris Chibnall must have been wondering in the development of this season: How much do you want to pull the wool over the eyes of your viewers? You want them to be subjected to red herrings and misunderstandings, but at the same time, you want there to be a larger plan, and for them to be able to connect the dots if they are to go back and watch. We’re not going to be able to know the answer on whether or not they execute that until we get around to the end of the season.

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