Is Supergirl new tonight on The CW? More on season 2 episode 18

Is Supergirl new tonightIs Supergirl season 2 episode 18 new tonight? After the string of episodes, we know that you’re hungry to see more.

Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more as though you’re going to have to continue to be hungry for some time. There is no new episode airing on The CW tonight, and you’ll be waiting until Monday, April 24 to see season 2 episode 18 (entitled “Ace Reporter”) in action.

As for what’s coming in that episode, there are obviously some hints below in between seeing Biomax, the new potential villain and a Lena Luthor love interest, and then also a rather cool image (which you can see in the thumbnail below).

In general, signs point to this being an episode that is about quality journalism, and Kara looking to embrace that side of who she is more and more. While it’s true that she is capable of so much as Supergirl, there is often something equally important about helping people understand the truth. Sometimes, doing that is a difficult, arduous process. This is in part some of what Snapper Carr was trying to reinforce on her earlier this season prior to her losing her job. While we absolutely understand that some of lessons may have been rather frustrating, they were there for a reason. They weren’t meant to be ignored. Snapper will have an important role in “Ace Reporter,” and who knows? Maybe if Kara proves herself, she may be able to fight to get her job back. If not, maybe she can find a way to work for Lena in some capacity. That would help to make sense as to why Katie McGrath is being promoted to a regular for the third season. However, making such a move could come at the expense of James Olsen, a guy who’s been barely featured as of late who is certainly worthy of more screen time.

Here’s the good news about the hiatus — once we’re on the other side of it, there won’t be any further hiatus the remainder of the season. Therefore, you’re going to get a great chance to enjoy several new episodes consecutively without being stuck in a mire of commercials.

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