Silicon Valley season 4 trailer: Richard’s not crazy

Silicon Valley season 4 trailerSilicon Valley season 4 is premiering on HBO on April 23 (just a few more weeks to wait folks), and judging from the new trailer below, it appears as though we’ve got quite a bit to look forward to! That is especially the case if you love to see Richard continue down his neurotic misguided spiral that he’s famous for.

With that, one of the focuses moving into the new season seems to be Richard trying to find his new place in the world, and that includes him trying to figure out whether or not he can build a better internet. How the other guys all get involved in this remains to be seen, but it seems as though his departure from Pied Piper is something that will draw some mixed reactions. What may also draw a mixed reaction is the serious facial hair that TJ Miller is bringing to the table this season. Who knew that Erlich would be this hipster?

There are several fun moments of dialogue throughout this preview, especially when it comes to Jared being Jared, and Richard resorting to some interesting techniques in order to get what he wants. Also, there’s something about Erlich trying to explain what mansplaining is that feels pretty perfect for him. Seems that Erlich didn’t really learn all that much about humility after going through that situation with Big Head, did he?

This new season also looks like it’s going to feature the return of our favorite Silicon Valley character Russ, judging from the photo that Chris Diamantopoulos posted on Twitter a few months back (which you can see below). Season 2 remains our favorite, mostly because of the fact that you got a chance to see cars with doors-that-go-like-this for the first time. And lets not forget the scene where Russ meets everyone for the first time which was probably our favorite scene in the entire history of the show, and that is saying quite a bit given that there are so many different scenes within this show that we consider to be genius in their own way. Did we mention that we love Russ?

Hopefully, we’re going to get a chance to share some other news on Silicon Valley soon before the premiere. For now, you can head over here to get some more of the latest.

For now, be sure to share your thoughts on this trailer below — and also some of what you’d like to see during season 4! (Photo: HBO.)

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