Grimm series finale reaction: Where everyone lives and dies; your take?

Grimm series finale reactionThe Grimm series finale aired on NBC on Friday night, and if we were to issue a quick reaction, it’d be somewhat of a combination of excitement, shock, and tears. Maybe all three at the same time if possible.

After all, there was a certain point during the episode where we started to think that almost nobody was going to be leaving the finale alive. Then again, this was almost 100% what the show wanted us to think. More so than just about any other series out there, the writers were really interested in having you shake in your boots that this show could end up becoming some sort of Shakespearean tragedy. We were also set to declare Zerstörer the most horrible creature in the history of TV. (He may have held the title already for the worst one on this show.)

Thanks to a little bit of trickery, Nick was able to find his friends and family again, and the way in which he brought everyone back was further testament to the show’s tone and style. It was clever, it was scary, and it gave you yet another underdog story and victory. This is a guy who hasn’t had a whole lot of time to relax, but we like to think that at the end of this story, he had some peace. We’re not sure that his life moving past the events of the finale was that peaceful per se, but he continued to fight the good fight, and do just about everything that he does best stopping creatures and being the hero that you would want for him to be.

Also, we jumped forward a good twenty or so years in the closing minutes, which was a chance to see many characters either grown up or in a different place. Maybe this was a move that deems a revival / season 7 unnecessary, but we do think that there are some avenues and things that could be explored with the show … provided of course that this is something that the producers really wanted to take on and the network was willing to authorize. For now, we deem the series finale satisfying and then some.

What is your personal Grimm series finale reaction? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now with a comment below!

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