Chicago Med season 2 episode 18 review: Will tries to save his hero

Heroes come in many forms. Sometimes, they are parents. Meanwhile, at other points they are friends, other family members, or mentors. Chicago Med season 2 episode 18 revolved for the most part around a teacher. Dr. Bella Rowan is the woman responsible for making Will Halstead the doctor that he is. Meanwhile, we learned over the course of the episode that she also was essential to ensuring that Goodwin stayed in the profession during some early struggles.

Dr. Rowan was a hero; therefore, it made since that Dr. Halstead wanted to in turn be a hero to her. Over the course of the episode, we saw him do almost everything that he could in an effort to make things better for Rowan. Unfortunately, in the process not much was working, and he was too stubborn to listen to advice from Natalie or anyone else. The reality that Halstead was avoiding was the simple fact that eventually, he was dooming Rowan to a life that was hardly a life, and it may not have been what she or anyone else wanted.

In order to get back on the right path in regards to his mentor, what Will had to remember ultimately were some of her own teachings — specifically, he had to remember that this is not the life that she would have wanted for herself. He took her eventually off the intubation, and allowed her to prepare to die in peace.

Odds are, you saw the scene of Nina walking in on Will and Natalie hugging in the promo. We saw it again in the closing minutes tonight. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much beyond that moment and we don’t know what the future holds.

Dr. Rhodes’ on-the-job tension

Connor tonight got into it with Dr. Bardovi over his latest patient, as the two parties faced conflict over how to properly treat a child. As if that wasn’t enough of a problem for them, Rhodes was also disagreeing with the young patient’s father about the right method of treatment. He did find a way to figure things out and do the job he needed to … so you can at least chalk this up to one story with a reasonably happy ending. Plus, he and Robyn had some rather nice moments!

Jason Wheeler’s suicide remains a factor

At some points during the episode, you didn’t see much in terms of the story of Jason. However, that wasn’t the case for Dr. Reese. As Sarah and Dr. Charles did everything that she could in order to help their latest patient (a pilot), she started to think back about what happened in “Monday Mourning.”

For Sarah, she’s learning to find a way to compartmentalize her own feelings with the latest case at the hospital, and this one was tough. She got a win in that she and Charles saved the man’s life. However, in the process they had to report him, causing him to lose his pilot’s license.


It was difficult for “Lesson Learned” to hold a candle to “Monday Mourning” in terms of drama or significance. We’d still argue that this was a good hour about dealing with grief, and setting the stage for events that are going to be important later. It may just not be that memorable once we get around to May. Grade: B.

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